• We nurture Taekwondo leaders for tomorrow.
  • As an institute organized for producing leaders with expertise and refinement to spread
    spirit and skills of Taekwondo properly throughout the world, World Taekwondo Academy
    is one of key businesses of Kukkiwon,the mecca of Taekwondo.
  • Nurturing of leaders capable of contributing to the society
  • Through continuous refresher education such as re-education for enabling Taekwondo leaders
    to develop and demonstrate ability as a national and social leader,World Taekwondo Academy
    has applied curriculum appropriate for nurturing of leaders capable of contributing to
    the country and society as well as Taekwondo leaders.
  • Production of new leaders who will lead the future of Taekwondo
  • Based on the education and training that keep ahead of the stream of times,
    World Taekwondo Academy will keep taking the initiative in nurturing new leaders who will
    lead the future of Taekwondo by doubling the quality as social leaders.
  • Taekwondo leaders expanding to the world
  • World Taekwondo Academy that produced more than 140,000 leaders will keep devoting itself to
    the role of establishing the new leadership image for our Taekwondo culture that expands
    to the world as the birthplace of Taekwondo.

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