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International Master Course

International Master International Master International Master


  • 1) The overview of International Taekwondo Master Course (1st, 2nd, 3rd class)
  • 2) Purpose :

    To contribute not only to Taekwondo skills innovation, but also to student health and the development of physical education by improving the quality of Taekwondo coaches and nurturing their leadership.

  • 3) Policies :

    - Nurture proper practical competency as a Taekwondo coach
    - Motivate a sense of vocation and improve quality as a Taekwondo coach

  • 4) Course period :

    5 days 40 hours (8 hours per day)

  • 5) Main Target :

    This program is designed for competent and promising Taekwondo Instructor or Master world-wide, as well as Taekwondo administrators who are interested in promoting and improving Taekwondo in their countries.

  • 6) Curriculum :

    The International Taekwondo Master Course is a 40 hours program that embraces a wide rang of topic, composed of 4 themes Taekwondo Theories (History, Coaching), Taekwondo Practical training (Poomsae, Gyeorugi), Techniques training (Self-defence) and Special lectures(Taekwondo Grand Master).