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Education Course/Status


Its ultimate object is to enhance the instructor’s qualifi cation through disseminating the accurate and standard curriculum of Taekwondo worldwide, and to consolidate the statue of Kukkiwon and contribute to expanding global Taekwondo by unifying Taekwondo skills and techniques.


  • 1) The overview of International Taekwondo Master Course (1st, 2nd, 3rd class)
  • 2) Purpose :

    To contribute not only to Taekwondo skills innovation, but also to student health and the development of physical education by improving the quality of Taekwondo coaches and nurturing their leadership.

  • 3) Policies :

    - Nurture proper practical competency as a Taekwondo coach

    - Motivate a sense of vocation and improve quality as a Taekwondo coach

  • 4) Course period :

    5 days 40 hours (8 hours per day)

  • 5) Main Target :

    This program is designed for competent and promising Taekwondo Instructor or Master world-wide, as well as Taekwondo administrators who are interested in promoting and improving Taekwondo in their countries.

  • 6) Curriculum :

    The International Taekwondo Master Course is a 40 hours program that embraces a wide rang of topic, composed of 4 themes Taekwondo Theories (History, Coaching), Taekwondo Practical training (Poomsae, Gyeorugi), Techniques training (Self-defence) and Special lectures(Taekwondo Grand Master).

Theme 1
Taekwondo Theory
(6 hours)
· Taekwondo Instruction studying
· Taekwondo courtesy (2 hours)
· Taekwondo Spirit and History (2 hours)
· Rules and regulations of Promotion Test (2 hours)
Theme 2
Taekwondo Practical
(24 hours)
· Color belt Poomsae (8 hours)
· Black belt Poomsae (8 hours)
· Gyeorugi (8 hours)
Theme 3
Special lecture
(6 hours)
· Terminology and Basic technique (4 hours)
· Taekwondo demonstration and breaking (2 hours)
Theme 4
Special lecture
(4 hours)
· The qualification Taekwondo instructor (2 hours)
· Taekwondo cultural values (2 hours)


Graduation Course (License)

1) 1st class Course

Holder of the Kukkiwon 8th Dan with 2nd class Instructor's Certifi cate or, holder of the Kukkiwon 9th Dan with Instructor's Certifi cate (before the issuance of 1996)

2) 2nd class Course
- Holder of the Kukkiwon 6th Dan with 3rd class Instructor's Certifi cate
3) 3rd class Course
- Holder of the Kukkiwon 4th Dan (Prior to birth of Dec 31, 1998)
4) Re-examination Course
- Disqualifi ed participant who have completed the regular course (1st~3rd class) Class

Completion Course (Non-license)


Holder of the Kukkiwon 2nd or 3rd Dan (Prior to birth of Dec 31, 1998)


Those who fi nish the completion course shall be qualifi ed with the Kukkiwon Instructor's Certifi cate after promoting the Kukkiwon 4th Dan by submitting required document such as additional fee and application to WTA.